Cytosport Muscle Milk Vanilla Crete Description Excellent Source Of Dietary Faber • Lactose Free • Amazing, Milkshake Taste!

November 27, 2012 Rated 5 out of 5 by Train357 Good Stuff Tastes good. Another potential advantage is that rice protein contains a high proportion of arginine, an amino acid that can dilate blood vessels, possibly enhancing blood flow to muscles. I've used muscle milk for a few years now and it's my absolute favourite brand flavour wise out of every other brand I've tried. For updated, accurate country of origin data, it is recommended that you rely on product packaging or manufacturer information. Sunflower oil & canola oil contain essential fatty acids. This product is something I would recommend to someone who is trying to lean but still have muscle, it has 150 calories per scoop but a total of 300 for both scoops and it tastes is something that most proteins don't have this is smooth going down and has no gritty taste. Q. A little high in sugar, but generally an excellent taste. Plus, it keeps me full for over 6 hours. I have used Muscle Milk for over 20 years and have also recommended this product to my Personal Training Clients and friends as well.

Whey also supplies branched-chain amino acids baas, and some research supports that they aid muscle recovery after hard workouts. Muscle Milk. August 16, 2011 Rated 5 out of 5 by Attwns Muscle Milk I've been buying the cheaper protein drinks for a year. Q. Oz. I largely used it not only as a post workout protein shake, but also as an additive to my milk or water at meals to help boost my calorie count. Check your information and try again. Serving Size: 35 g Approx 1 Scoop Other Ingredients: Protein blend calcium and sodium casein ate, milk protein isolate and/or concentrate, whey protein isolate and/or concentrate, whey peptides, lactoferrin, l-glutamine, Maurine, lean lipids blend sunflower oil, medium chain triglyceride, canola oil, l-carnitine, maltodextrin, soluble corn Tiber, crystalline fructose, vitamin mineral blend, (visit) natural and artificial flavour, potassium bicarbonate and/or potassium chloride, fructooligosaccharides, salt, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, soy lecithin.

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I get the results I'm looking for from my lifting and I don't dread the drink afterwards. Put in the hard work and MUSCLE MILK GAINER will help close the nutrition gap so even the hardest gainer can make progress. CytoSport Muscle milk Vanilla Crete Description Excellent Source of Dietary Faber • Lactose Free • Amazing, Milkshake Taste! July 16, 2014 Rated 4 out of 5 by hazmatja I love muscle milk While I LOVE muscle milk. I used Muscle Milk at different times of days in different amounts depending on several things. The mix ability of the Muscle Milk is questionable. “Given that your body won't use much beyond 30 grams of protein at a time, it doesn't make sense to load up with more than this,” says Paddon-Jones. Not a huge fan of the gritty texture, but I have found that drinking it extremely cold adding ice helps to cut down on that texture.